Organizing a Vanity Space

As women, we all know vanity space is hard to come by and easy to fill up.  From hair tools, products, makeup, you name it, we need it or already have it. I personally just moved into a house with a one sink vanity and am in desperate need of more space. With these five items, all of those “necessities” can be moved out of the way with a true designated spot. And they even add more style to the room!

1. The Mason™ lantern (short) (retailing at $3) is great way to store bobby pins, hair ties, cotton swabs and cotton balls.  Buying a few of these together not only organizes the little items in your bathroom but adds a cute decoration. 


2. A letter holder might sound odd, but the Cabo™ letter holder (retailing at $20.50) is perfect for those eye shadow pallets that just don’t quite fit in a makeup bag. It also comes in silver!


3. Now we all know it’s easy to misplace nail polish just when we want to use it.  Instead of buying a new one, use the Cooper™ nail polish organizer (retailing at $18).  This can be tucked away in a door, cabinet or neatly displayed on a shelf.  Any way you store it, it is better than having them cluttered on the vanity or lost. 


4. Now for the biggest pains, the hot hair tools, which take up the most space and have to cool down.  Attaching the Lincoln™ postmaster express (copper) (retailing at $34) to the inside of the cabinet door or wall near the vanity is a great way to free up space.


5. And last but not least, the Takara™ column shelf (small) (retailing at $84.50) is a great way to display that cute makeup bag, hold lotions, perfumes, oils and show off that inventive Cabo™ letter holder displaying your eye shadow pallets.


Using these products will help give you the most space for your vanity and leave your bathroom organized. 

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