31 Days to a More Organized Life: 5 Tips for an Envious Office


Could your life use an organizational makeover? Is your New Year Resolution to get organized but you're not sure where to start? Over the next month we are giving tips to help you get better organized in every aspect of your life. We're breaking it down into easy-to-achieve steps so that even the messiest clutterbugs can clean up their act. Let the challenge begin!


Let's talk about your office...

Your office is a work zone. Whether you work in a home office or an office space, it is important to devote a space that's clutter-free and orderly to maximize your productivity. We've broken the process of organizing your office into 5 simple tips that you can easily complete in the next week:


TASK 1: Declutter - The first step to any room makeover is to declutter, both your physical space AND your virtual space. Go through all of your drawers and desk piles and purge any papers you don't need. Put important documents into a file box, like our Frisco file box or our Digit file crate. Clean your computer with a disinfectant wipe on keyboard and mouse, microfiber cloth for the screen, and an air canister to remove keyboard dust and debris. On your computer, compartmentalize all your files and information into clearly labeled folders and subfolders. 

TASK 2: Divide - Use organizers like our Takara DrawerStores ($6.00-$12.50 retail) to ensure that every item has a place. Clean drawers and desktops are less stressful to look at, not to mention the time you'll save searching for necessities!

BONUS VIDEO: Organize your junk drawer in 5 minutes:

TASK 3: Inspire - Hang a vision board on the wall to display photos, achievements, favorite quotes and inspiration. According to CNN, decorating your desk can help you feel comfortable and reduce workplace stress and dissatisfaction. Just be sure to strike a balance between accessories and clutter - working in a space that's too crowded or cluttered will increase stress. Use our MacGregor message board ($28.50 retail) to organize your personal touches into one central area and look to when needed.


TASK 4: Plan - Experts recommend starting each work day with a manageable list of the most important tasks you need to complete. Having this list in front of you throughout the day will help you to stay focused on the big picture, rather than getting sidetracked and wasting time on less important things. In order to do this, you'll need a designated space for notes and a calendar to reference dates. With our TakeNote calendar ($11.50 retail), you can do both at once! You'll never forget the date again and always have enough space for notes, daily to-do lists, and doodles.


STEP 5: Receive - You will most likely receive important notes, checks, and mail throughout the day or week at work. Hang a storage unit like our Cabo wall pocket ($67.50 retail) on your door so incoming items are organized in one place away from your desk space. This gets rid of piles or clutter building up on your desk and helps eliminate interruptions if your door is closed for an important call or meeting.

cabo wall pocket.jpg

Stay tuned for WEEK 2: 5 Steps to a Fabulous Kitchen!

Are you taking our 31-Day Challenge to a more organized life? Leave a comment and let us know how you're doing! 

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