Must-Have Tech Products from Gift Shop Magazine

The fall issue of Gift Shop magazine rounds up must-have tech products and includes the SpyBlocker™ webcam covers from Design Ideas. These clever webcam covers, designed by Ran Lerner, stick to the smooth surface of your laptop or tablet and prevent webcam spying. The designs are simple and can be easily removed when you want to use the webcam. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and FBI director James Comey cover up their laptop webcam and you should be, too.

Take this simple measure to protect your privacy and purchase the SpyBlocker™ webcam covers from Design Ideas.

Gift Shop Magazine_Fall 2016.jpg

Click here to see the full "Tech-Tone Shifts" article from Gift Shop magazine.

Consumers: click here and purchase (use code NOPEEKING at checkout to receive free shipping!).

Retailers: click here to visit our wholesale portal and purchase SpyBlocker™ webcam covers for your store now and let your customers know this product is a necessity.



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