Gift Guide: 7 Delightful Stocking Stuffers under $25

I don't know about you, but I always look into my stocking last when opening presents on Christmas morning. We'll help change that with these delightful stocking stuffers you actually want for Christmas and make finding what's inside your stocking an exciting and fun tradition.


1. Ninja magnets ($6.00 retail): Our Ninja magnets strike a pose, then get to work on hanging your favorite family photos, kids' artwork, or important office memos. They are the perfect gift for karate lovers of all ages or all of your "little ninjas."


2. SpyBlocker welcome covers ($11.50 retail): Follow Mark Zuckerberg and James Comey's safety trend and protect your privacy with our SpyBlocker™ webcam covers. These silicone icons stick to the smooth surface of your laptop or tablet to prevent hackers from spying.



3. Merit magnet ($7.00 retail): For the coffee lover we all have in our lives give them the proper boast with our fun and clever Merit magnet. 


4. Mapdeck cards ($9.00 retail): MapDeck allows you to travel the world, one game of Go Fish at a time. Learn the layouts of famous cities card by card. This gift is sure to please world travelers or curious kiddos! 


5. Folio pouch ($11.50-$22.50 retail): Our Folio pouches will hold everything from your tablet to glasses to loose change. Great for traveling, all tablet and large sizes are padded to protect their contents. 

 teddy bear.jpg

6. Teddy Bear scissors ($25.00 retail): You can count on this lovable colleague to deliver your essential desk accessories to you right when you need them. Teddy's ears are scissors, his hands are magnetic to hold paperclips and magnets and his feet are weighted down to double as a paper weight. 


7. Einstein pen ($8.00 retail): For the Einstein in your life to jot down all of his or her genius ideas.



Kolleen Dodge
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