Embrace the Spooky Spirit of Halloween with our Spine-Chilling Salem Collection

What happens when you set your table with our Salem decorations? Doors and floors creak more loudly. The wind howls in your chimney more angrily. And sometimes, you may even hear soft footsteps creeping up behind you. It sounds like it’s time to call Ghostbusters!

Although this is (hopefully) all in your head, our Salem decorations add some necessary spookiness to your home during the Halloween season.

Just look at how adorably eerie they are! 


Salem Haunted House $34.00 retail 

Salem Haunted Tree $18.00 retail 

Salem Ornament sets $13.50 retail (We have two sets of ornaments available-bats/spiders AND ghosts)

Salem Crows $10.50 retail 

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