Keep your Privacy Protected with our SpyBlocker™ Webcam Covers

The Today Show recently had a segment that covered the rising threat of webcam hackers. You may be shocked to learn that hackers are actually able to break into and access your webcams on computers, tablets, and even phones quite easily. Even the Director of the FBI, James Comey, admits to covering his own webcam saying that it is a sensible safety precaution that more people should do. Watch the video here. 

A few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive and co-founder of Facebook, made headlines over this same issue when he posted a photo celebrating the success of Instagram. What caught everyone's attention? If you look closely, you will notice that Zuckerberg has placed masking tape over his laptop's webcam. See the photo here

So how can people avoid this unwarranted invasion of privacy? 

Design Ideas has created a product to solve this problem with our SpyBlocker™ webcam covers. These silicone icons, designed by Ran Lerner, stick to the smooth surface of your laptop or tablet and prevent webcam spying. The designs are simple and can be easily removed when you want to use the webcam. 

So now, not only can Mark Zuckerberg and James Comey effectively protect their privacy, but also you can too and in a fun and stylish way! 


Consumers: Purchase our SpyBlocker™ webcam covers here.

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