6 Awesome Ways to Organize your Accessories

Whether you find yourself constantly searching for that one earring you can never seem to find or untangling necklaces again and again, look no further than these Design Ideas products.

1.  My Deer Accessory Tree (white) $18.00 retail

The My Little Deer Accessory Tree from Qualy adds a whimsical style to any space and is the perfect way to organize bracelets and rings. Simply set it on top of a vanity or dresser for easy accessibility to your wear-everyday items.


2. Kali Jewelry tray $17.00-$28.50 retail

The stylish Kali jewelry trays are the ideal place to store statement earrings and necklaces, or more formal jewelry you do not wear often. Slip into your drawers for storage or stack the trays together to conserve space on your vanity. 


 kali .jpg

3. Voodoo Cork Board Set $11.50 retail

A tip from the organizing pros at FamilyFun magazine: Display multiple Voodoo Cork Boards and use pushpins to hang necklaces and headbands to prevent messy tangles!


4. Folio Pouch $11.50 retail

Don’t want your sunglasses bent or scratched? Our small folio pouch can serve as either a sunglasses case on-the-go, or protective storage when not in use.

 glass ps.jpg

5. Carbaugh Tray $51.00 retail

An easy way to keep track of small, stud earrings, or any of your jewels, is with the Carbaugh tray. Its elegant design brings a touch of sophistication to any room.

 ps marble tray.jpg

6. HookOver Hook $3.00 retail 

Need a place to hang your purse, belts, scarves, or hats? Use our functional HookOver hooks on the back of your closet or bedroom door to organize your most frequently used accessories. 

 closet hook.jpg                 



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