Workspace Makeover: Ideas for Personalizing your Office Space

If you're starting a new job, or in my case, an internship, a new work space can be uninviting; however, with the help of Design Ideas' products, you can take your cubicle, desk, or entire office from boring and bland to bright and welcoming.

On the first day of my internship with Design Ideas, I was shown what would be my new home for the next 8 weeks: a stereotypical office cubicle that was bland, boring and in serious need of a makeover. 



In order to make the space MY desk, I needed to not only personalize, but also better organize the area.


photoshop flip.jpgphotoshop flip 2.jpg

I wanted a simple design free of clutter that was sleek, yet inviting; personal, yet professional.



Mixing silver and gold metals provides a classy, yet relaxed vibe, while the pop of mint, along with my own personal pictures and clippings, add a fun touch to the simplicity of the area.

 deask 3.png


 desk 4.png

My made-over cubicle is a wonderful welcome every morning when I arrive to work. With a little creativity and time, I can guarantee not only will you receive several compliments, but you will also love your new space!!!


Below are all the Design Ideas' products used from left to right.

collage 1st blog.jpg


1. Edison Magazine File (mint): $28.50 retail        

2. Edison Letter Bin (mint): $25.00 retail

3. Edison Pencil Cup (mint): $8.00 

4. SimpleStructure Letter Tray (mint): $27.00 retail   

5. Frisco Notepad Holder (mint/fog): $6.00 retail

6. StikIt Tape Dispenser (pink): $22.50 retail

7. Coronet Calendar: $21.50 retail    

8. Snapshot Message Board: $45 retail 

9. Eve the Doodles Woman: $28.50 retail 

10. Lexington Drinkware (mug): $21.50 retail            

11.  Map Coasters (set of 10:nyc): $4.00 retail

12. BuildingBlocks Sculpture (Eiffel Tower): $22.50

13. Fractal Candleholder: $7.00 retail

14. Folio Pouch (cork: medium):$11.50 retail                 

15. Folio Pouch (ripstop:medium:nyc):$13.50 retail

16. Folio Pouch (ripstop:large:nyc): $22.50 retail       

17. Folio Pouch (ripstop:large:mint): $22.50 retail   

18. Sadi Wastecan: $22.50 retail  

19. Tinsel Photo Clips (gold): $22.50 retail                  

20. Monochrome Gel Pen (white): $10.50 retail       

21. Monochrome Gel Pen (black): $10.50 retail

22. Sqaudron Pushpins (set of 6): $6.00 retail

23. StateSide Magnets: $9.00 retail      































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