How Design Ideas is Making a Small Difference in Indonesia

Indonesia is now the second largest marine waste pollutant of the world, right behind China. With at least 80 percent of plastic waste ending up in the ocean, serious measures are being taken to reduce the amount of plastic in daily use with a goal to reduce the waste by 70 percent by 2025. What can a small company like Design Ideas do to help reduce marine debris in Indonesia? Our new recycled crushed glass Pietra tables are a small part of the solution. For over 30 years, Design Ideas has been seeking recycled, repurposed and sustainably-produced materials to create unique and affordable products that make a cleaner planet for generations to come.

How does it work?
Suppliers sell plastic and glass waste to our factory in Indonesia to recycle. We take the recycled material and crush, hammer, mold, press and seal it into a beautiful surface, taking on new life in this stunning tabletop. Different colors of glass leave each top seemingly unique.




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Fact Source: The Jakarta Post 

Photo Credit: Trash Treasures by The Antique Express




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