3 Easy Tips to Make a Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Moving into a dorm can be intimidating for new college students and parents. Being prepared can calm the nerves and make the transition easier. We rounded up some easy tips to make dorm room living feel a little more like home. Not sure where to start? We recommend browsing Pinterest or Dormify to get inspired on trending themes and all other things dorm.  BossBabeRoom_greyloft_eee9e019-7295-40bb-bf3d-5def7fc0b9d0.jpg
Photo cred: Dormify

1. Create a theme
It’s important to plan out the decor with your new roommate to help make the room look more cohesive. While the entire room doesn't have to be totally "matchy," finding the right middle ground (such as color) is important. We’re obsessing over all things marble, so our desired color palette reflects that. We’re sticking to grey and white neutrals and adding in subtle pops of pink throughout the room.

2. Rely on multi-purpose items
Multi-purpose items help declutter a tiny room that is supposed to be home for the next year. Use a cart or tiered shelf as a bedside table and stash your bedtime necessities (phone, lip balm, medicine, or notebook) in a desk organizer to save space on the small shelf. Alternatively, flip the desk organizer and place it on your desktop to store hair ties, nail polishes and other small cosmetics. Genius. deskorg.jpg
Photo cred: Dormify

3. Display memories
Displaying photos of friends and family will make the room feel homier just by seeing familiar faces. Plus, the new memories on display can help with the transition to this new place called college. Use photoclips to create temporary wall art in your dorm room and display more photos than a picture frame can.  

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