How to Style a Pinterest-Worthy Bar Cart

Thanks to a revival of cocktail culture, bar carts have become a must-have entertainment piece to display in your home. They can transform a boring and empty dining room corner into the life of the party. If you love the idea of a creating a well-styled bar cart but don't quite know where to start, keep reading for some easy tips to help design a Pinterest-worthy portable party station!

Start with a vision. A well-styled bar cart begins with a plan. Don't just set a cart against a wall and load it up with liquor bottles and call it good. Take the time to come up with an overall decorating theme for your bar cart and put your style on display. When choosing the right bar cart, be sure to pick one that complements your space and suits your organization needs. We searched high and low for the perfect cart and ended up with this gorgeous (and affordable!) metallic and wood option from Target

It's all in the details. A mixture of pattern, color, and texture makes all the difference when styling the perfect bar cart. We added subtle pops of patterns with a darling dish towel and vibrant floral straws (plus we used a multifunctional pencil cup as a storage container for extra straws). We splashed in some color by displaying oranges and limes in this translucent vinyl container. Texture can be found in our tropical-themed coasters, designed to look and feel like real leaves. We also added texture (and height) by stacking neutral-colored books on both shelves of the cart. PRO TIP: Visit your local dollar store and check out their book selection. We scored all of these hardback books for just $1.00 each!

That's the spirit! Make sure your cart is stocked with different liquor options. While it isn't necessary to include every single type of spirit, including a variety (vodka, rum, whiskey, and champagne) will make you a hostess with the mostest. Pick a variety of bottle heights to add depth and choose the best-looking bottles to have on display - you can store the rest behind closed doors in the pantry or fridge.

Finally, add fun and coordinating accessories to give your cart a little personality. We included a felt letter board featuring a witty saying, adorable miniature cactus decorations and our favorite drinking buddy, Adam the Doodles Man!

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