These Must-Have Gifts Will Have Your Grad Ready For College

Graduation season is upon us! Help create an easy transition from high school to college with these thoughtful gifts. 

1. Desk organization (Edison collection shown above: $8.00-$28.50): College courses are more intense than high school courses. Having all of your school supplies organized will help those study habits flow.

2. Wyatt message board (retail $51.00): Clip important reminders, prioritize to-do lists, and display cherished photos of family and friends (new and old). Comes with six bulldog clips.  

3. Pisces laundry bag (retail: $28.50): Laundry can be the hardest thing to tackle in college besides classes. Easily tote this fun laundry bag to and from the dorm’s laundry room or those weekend trips home. 

4. Lookers square boxes (retail: $6.00-$13.50): Storage space is slim in college dorms so utilizing every nook and cranny is key. Stack these clear vinyl boxes under the bed or in the closet to neatly tuck away socks, jewelry, scarves and other accessories.  (photo by: Urban Outfitters)



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