3 Simple Spring Cleaning Tricks For Those Who Hate Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here, which means spring cleaning. If spring cleaning is extremely daunting to you, start with these three easy organization tasks. The key to a clean home is DECLUTTERING. It’s an overwhelming task to some, so we’ve broken down the three most common types of clutter found in the home, and how you can easily organize it in no time flat.

1. Paper Clutter – What You’ll Need: Frisco™ document and paper boxes (retail: $13.50 and $20.50)
File away old photos, memories, and important documents with the perfect storage solution. These boxes easily stack and can be stored on a shelf in a hallway closet or slip inside a desk in your office. Having a few extra on hand is also a great idea because paper can quickly pile up. Each box is equipped with a label to make organizing even easier.


2. Random Accessories – What You’ll Need: Lincoln™ storage nests (retail: $11.50-$45.00)
Use storage nests to hold shoes, scarfs, perfumes or lotions and linens that over time can become clutter at the bottom of your closet or a big pile on a shelf. This solution holds everything in one place, ideally creating more free space.


3. Pantry Purge – What You’ll Need: Mesh stacking bins (retail: $11.50-$22.50)
Revamp with your pantry and toss anything that is expired (we all have those items) and build the pantry of your dreams. The extra space will help you see what you have to use up, saving you time and money on a daily basis. Use various sizes of bins to organize everything from spices and pasta boxes to snacks and canned foods. Bonus: their crisp white color makes everything feel fresh and clean.




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