How to Style the Takara Ladder in Every Room of your Home

Our friends at The Inspired Home just launched a brand new magazine, The Inspired Home Journal, and featured some of our most popular home storage pieces in its debut issue. Check out how they styled our versatile Takara™ ladder and Cabo™ ladder baskets in four different rooms of the home. Shop the Takara ladder on our site and use promo code USEIT4WAYS and receive $25 off!

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OFFICE (upper left): Display books, notebooks and magazines on the ladder rungs and position the space-saving ladder next to your desk so all of your important materials are within arms reach without cluttering up your desk. Attach our large Cabo™ ladder basket to instantly create additional vertical storage space.

BATHROOM (upper right): The solid teak wood's moisture tolerance makes this ladder ideal for humid environments like the bathroom. Drape fresh linens over the rungs and use the Cabo™ ladder baskets to store hair care items, lotions and other bath accessories.

LIVING ROOM (lower left): This golden teak ladder makes the prettiest home for decorative throws and blankets in your living room.

BEDROOM (lower right): A fun and interesting alternative to your bedside table. Hang your nighttime reading materials on the ladder rungs and use the Cabo™ ladder baskets to store reading glasses and your tablet.

All photography by Constance Marie, The Inspired Home Journal



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