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How To Survive Another Snow Day

Winter days can get repetitive when families are snowed in or have no desire to go out into the cold. Coming up with activities can be a challenge, especially ones that will last long enough for the effort to be worth it. This Christmas, we are spilling some of our favorite traditions that go beyond the classic ginger bread house decorating and cookie bake. Here are some tips on setting up the perfect winter paint station.

Deck Your House For the Holidays: Bathroom

Yes, Christmas spirit can (and should) be brought into your bathroom. Shiny toilets, clean towels, and a seasonal scented candle is the bare minimum requirement for a Christmas-ready bathroom. We have a few suggestions of what you can do to successfully deck out your bathroom.

Deck Your House For the Holidays: Guest Room

As family filters into town, you are focused on giving them a wonderful Christmas experience that is worth their while. The house is done up, the bathrooms are clean, the table is set. This year, we challenge you to go beyond just washing the guest room sheets and take advantage of the guest room space to expand your Christmas decor. Guests will be thrilled with the cozy and festive space that is just for them.

Deck Your House For the Holidays: Modern Mantel

For those of you who are keeping it clean and simple this year, here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate Christmas using only the best (and the least) amount of seasonal decor.

Deck Your House For the Holidays: Classic Mantel

Up next is the space that first comes to mind when thinking about a cozy Christmas- the mantel. We have it decked out and ready for Santa's arrival. It doesn't get much more classic than this.

Deck Your House For the Holidays: Kitchen

We paid special attention to the room of your home that takes the biggest beating, is typically the biggest mess, and is the reason all of us get a little bigger around the holidays- the kitchen. There are some fun and creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit without taking up unnecessary space on your much needed counter top. Either way- it will have all of your neighbors asking to do the cookie bake in your festive space this year.

Deck Your House For the Holidays: Dining Room

One room in your home that could bring your seasonal decor to the next level is the dining room. This year you can create a space that makes it seem as though you will be feasting every night until Christmas.

Deck Your House For the Holidays: Entryway Staircase

In a lot of homes, the first things guests typically see when they walk through the door is an entryway staircase. We came up with some tips to use this to your advantage and greet your guests and make them feel at home.

Deck Your House for the Holidays: Front Porch

First order of business when decking your house for the holidays starts with the first thing you see: your porch.

OWN This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together, slow down, and reflect on all of life's blessings. While that is nice, it's also a time for you to really impress those friends and family by setting up and showing off the most gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape. We came up with a few tips that you will surely be thankful for.

Create an Entryway That WOWs

The last thing you see when you leave, and the first thing you see when you arrive home: your entryway. In other words- the place in your house that is the catch-all for anyone and everyone's stuff. Shoes, purses, keys, sweaters, backpacks. We are here to help you turn your catch-all space into a warm and welcoming area that is both practical and stylish.

How To Add Some Soul To Your Kitchen

Don’t worry, you aren't alone. We all go through the picture-perfect catalogs, magazines, blogger’s Instagram accounts and may even laugh out loud when seeing their spotless kitchens. Their countertops don’t have one smudge, everything is white and clean, the dishes look as though they just came from the store, and how do they always manage to have fruit with no bruises or weird bumps?

3 Things Guests Say They Love About My Home

Something that we lack as homeowners is the ability to see our home with fresh eyes. We spend so much time living in our house that we forget what it's like to walk in for the first time. That's why it's so fun to listen to first reactions from guests. As the homeowner, you can be reminded of those "wow factors" that make your house a home. On the other hand, as the guest, you are able to pick out the pieces that give the boldest first impression, then go home and get to work! Here are three things that I noticed guests raving about when invited into my home.

Some Not So Scary Halloween Décor

Friends, it's time. Time for bonfires, sweaters, and all of our favorite high-calorie snacks and drinks that kind of (but not really) taste like pumpkin. With the change of seasons comes a welcomed change of scenery, both outside and inside your home! All the stores have officially brought out all of their Halloween-inspired items, which usually involve creepy crawlers, black cats, and witch hats. While those can certainly get people in the fall spirit, we have a few interior solutions that won't send your guests screaming.

3 Easy Tips to Style Your Bookshelf Like a Boss

For those of us who don’t enjoy reading in our spare time, the thought of styling a bookcase can be really intimidating; and for those of us who do love reading, styling all your books in a way that is aesthetically pleasing can be just as much of a challenge. Luckily, we rounded up easy solutions that can help both bookworms and those who would rather watch Netflix.

How To Achieve Bridal Shower Bliss

Typically, if you are throwing a bridal shower, you are doing it for someone you really care about, so you want all the details to be picture perfect. While planning a shower can be a little stressful, we’ve rounded up tips to help focus on a few details that can make the shower go from pretty to a bridal kind of beautiful!

3 Tips for The Greatest Summer Send Off Party

Summer has been good to us this year, so it deserves the best farewell. What better way to say goodbye to sun-kissed tans, BBQs and poolside chats then to invite your dearest friends over to celebrate Labor Day? Here are three tips & tricks that will leave your guests feeling full, fulfilled, and ready to welcome fall!

How to Style a Pinterest-Worthy Bar Cart

A classic entertaining piece, bar carts are portable party stations for living and dining rooms. We've rounded up all of the essentials for a perfectly styled bar cart!

5 Addicting Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

We have rounded up our top picks for your summer reading list.

3 Simple Spring Cleaning Tricks For Those Who Hate Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here, which means spring cleaning. If spring cleaning is extremely daunting to you, start with these three organization tricks.

Make Easter a Breeze With These Tips and Tricks

Easter will be more relaxing and fun this year with our tips and tricks!

2018 New Year's Resolutions

A new year calls for new goals and outlooks on life!

Simple Gift Wrapping Hack

Learn how to wrap gifts with little effort!

Clever Holiday Card Displays

It’s always so nice getting holiday cards in the mail from friends and family but sometimes there can be an overwhelming amount.

4 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Holiday Decor

Mixing things up a little for Christmas this year? Feeling fun and crafty? Good, so are we! At Design Ideas, we have a variety of seasonal items that could add some personal flair to your home this holiday season.

6 Tips for a Festive Mantle Display

It's time to redecorate for the holidays! Here's six easy tips for a festive mantle display to enjoy all season long.

5 Helpful Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Easier!

Use these tips to help balance the holiday to-do-list and allow you to enjoy your family and friends.

10 Festive Activities to Make Time for This Fall

Fall is in the air and it is the perfect season to be both indoors and outdoors.

Organizing a Vanity Space

As a woman, we all know vanity space is hard to come by and easy to fill up.

6 Back to School Organizing Essentials for Parents

Everyone talks about getting kids ready to go back to school. They get new backpacks, school supplies and maybe a new pair of tennis shoes. I think parents need back-to-school supplies to help them get organized for the school year, too!

9 Unique Gifts to Fill an Adult Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny can still fill your basket with goodies once you're an adult!

31 Days to a More Organized Life: 4 Steps to the Closet of your Dreams

Over the next month we are giving tips to help you get better organized in every aspect of your life. Let's clean out your closet!

31 Days to a More Organized Life: 3 Steps to a Beautiful Bathroom

Over the next few weeks we are giving tips to help you get better organized in every aspect of your life! Let's talk about your bathroom...

31 Days to a More Organized Life: 4 Steps to a Fabulous Kitchen

Over the next few weeks we are giving tips to help you get better organized in every aspect of your life! This week we tackle the kitchen...

31 Days to a More Organized Life: 5 Tips for an Envious Office

Over the next month we are giving tips to help you get better organized in every aspect of your life! First, let's talk about your office...

Decorate for the Holidays in 10 Minutes or Less!

Decorating for the holidays doesn't have to be time consuming or stressful in order to be beautiful. Use these tips to quickly and effortlessly add holiday cheer to your space.

7 Holiday Entertainment Essentials

Everyone will want an invite to your party with these tips!

Charming Holiday Decor for 5 Small Spaces

Have limited space for holiday decorating? We're here to help!

Organization Hack: 5 Unconventional Uses for our Adorable Pencil Cups

Because pencil cups aren’t just for pencils!

6 College Dorm Room Essentials

Dorm life may seem unappealing, but it is a rite of passage to not take for granted. These 6 Dorm Room Essentials help you prepare for the big move!

How to Organize Your Junk Drawer in 5 Minutes

Do you cringe every time you open that desk or kitchen drawer? You know the one. The one where you throw things that don't have a home. Where all your half-opened packages of batteries and loose change and opened packs of gum and extra IKEA furniture parts mingle in one giant pile that sloshes around every time you pull the handle. We all know this feeling. But we're here to tell you that junk drawer anxiety has a cure.

Workspace Makeover: Ideas for Personalizing your Office Space

New work spaces can be uninviting. With the help of Design Ideas' products, you can take your cubicle, desk, or entire office from boring and bland to bright and welcoming.

5 Ingredients for a Work Life Makeover

Do you have a case of the Mondays (or Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays)? We can't get you a raise or a different job, but if you follow these five steps, we can guarantee your work life will be more productive, more organized, and more fun.

Creative Makeup Organization

When you are greeted by a giant and unruly mess of beauty products upon opening your drawer in the morning, you know it’s time to get organized.

Maximize Your Closet Storage

As a professional organizer and a mom of three, I love using baskets to organize closets. Baskets are a quick, easy way to maximize space and keep your stuff organized. I reviewed several of Design Ideas' products and found several worth noting.